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Sausage & Egg McBuffin

Sausage & Egg McBuffin | A Healthy Alternative to the Famous McMuffin

19th October 2016

Using Chicken Breast Sausages, check out this simple to make Sausage and Egg McBuffin breakfast sandwich. It's the perfect healthy take on the famous McMuffin! A big thanks to Lee (ThePersonalNutritionCoach) for creating this recipe and letting us use it.



200g Lean Chicken Breast Sausages
2 Eggs
2 Muffins


1) De-skin the chicken sausages by squeezing out the meat out of the skin lining. Once this has been done, divide the sausage meat into two and, by using your hands, form round, thick sausage patties with the meat.

2) Add some coconut spray to a griddle pan and cook the patties for around 6/7 minutes on each side until they are charred and cooked through. Once cooked, leave the patties to one side patting them down slightly with some kitchen towel.

3) In a medium-sized pan, poach two eggs to your liking. (Tip: runny: 3 – 4 minutes, slightly runny: 5 – 6 minutes, well done: 7+ minutes)

4) Toast 2 breakfast muffins and then assemble your breakfast sandwich starting with the sausage patties and then place the egg on top.

5) Enjoy!

Macros: Entire Recipe

Protein - 33.9g

Carbs - 27.6g

Fats - 7.9g

Calories - 317 kcal