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Refer a friend - earn £5

We know there is no better form of advertising than word of mouth and this is why we have put together a best in class referral scheme.

Our referral scheme rewards both you the referrer and our new customer - a win-win solution.

It is the easiest and most effective way of growing your GN™ Points balance and it's the only one to give you a cash out option.

Start referring now >
How it works

How does the scheme work?

We want you to tell all your friends, colleagues, gym buddies or acquaintances to buy their sports nutrition products from us. By placing an order and then giving them your unique GN™ Referrer Code, they'll get a FREE gift on their first order and you'll earn £5 of credit every time it's used.

What do I get for referring someone?

We'll add £5 worth of credit to your account every time a new customer places an order using your Referrer Code, as long as their order value is over £10. .

What will my friend get?

The person who uses your referral code gets an option of a free GN gift. Become a prolific referrer and you'll never have to pay for supplements ever again.

How do I get started?

You can start referring as soon as you've placed your first order with us. We've made a handy tool to help you share your referral code via email, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Just click here to start referring.

Alternatively, you can find your referral code in the My Account section and write it down, share it manually or stick it on a poster at your gym.

  For you For the new GN™ customer
Orders over £10 £5 credit FREE GN Gift
How to earn more

How can I increase my earnings?

If you're savvy, there are quite a few clever tricks you can use to refer more new customers to us, and earn more money for yourself. Here are six quick ideas to inspire you.

1. Referral cards

Hand out our referral cards.

2. Be social

Post your code on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and share it to your followers.

3. Put up a poster

Create a poster to advertise your code and put it up where ever you can.

4. Add it to your signature

Add your referral code to your signature on any forums you use.

5. Use eBay

Create an eBay advertisement to sell-on or advertise the use of your referral code.

6. Be creative

Be creative. Try to make your code go viral.

Terms & Conditions

GoNutrition® provides the referral scheme in good faith and we know that the vast majority of you will use the scheme as it was intended.

Inevitably some people will look to abuse it and if caught they will have their account and all points suspended without warning. Those individuals will also be ineligible to use the scheme again on other accounts.

Please carefully read the terms and conditions below to ensure you abide by our rules:

By registering for an account with GoNutrition® and placing an order with us you are automatically enrolled on the referral scheme.

You are eligible to receive GN™ Points for referrals made after you have placed your first order.

There are no limits to the amount of GoNutrition® reward points that you can earn, so the more you spend and refer, the more you earn.

Only customers of GoNutrition® who have placed an order are eligible to receive referral points.

New customers must enter your referral code when they purchase.

Strictly only one GoNutrition® account per individual and per household. We use sophisticated technology to check for this.

The issuing of points is subject to a 7 day delay to allow anti-fraud checks. During this period points will be marked "pending" and will not be available for use until checks have been adequately passed.

All points have a 365 day expiry date.

GoNutrition® reserves the right to withdraw this scheme at any time without prior notice.

GoNutrition® reserves the right to amend this scheme at any time without prior notice.

GoNutrition® reward points are non-transferable and have no cash value.

Cancelled and partially or fully returned orders are not eligible.

Any review or decision made by GoNutrition® is final and not open to further correspondence.

The cash out option provides payment of £2.50 per valid referral after fraud checks have been adequately passed.

You can make a request for cash out once you have referred 5 customers or more and have at least 5,000 unredeemed active GN™ Points in your account.

Cash out payments are via PayPal to the verified owner of the account only within 7-14 days of acceptance.